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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 17, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute neil: more fighting in copenhagen. it definitely is not. i am neil cavuto. acting up at the same kind of gathering they once blasted tea party people for doing the same thing. the same way they said town hall protesters did. remember this? >> loud, shrill voices interrupting it town hall meetings. >> republicans are organizing angry mobs. >> this kind of rhetoric was very frightening, and it created a climate in which violence took place.
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>> i stand by my words. >> everybody at the t party is a racist? >> yes. neil: nobody said anything about this. which brings us to this. remember him? it was tilted in the head on this very program yesterday with what we believe was a vegetable for daring to question scientists in copenhagen about climategate. and the outrage over this -- not a peep. we will check in with them in just a moment. first, another stunning controversy. we are getting flooded with e- mails from lots of folks who
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want to know this -- copenhagen or copenhaagen. >> copenhagen climate chaos. neil: it is a mystery. michael anderson is on the phone where the climate conference is being held. which is it? >> it is copenhagen, of course. neil: where did it come from? >> i think it comes from an old musical. he was singing copenhagen in the german way of pronouncing it. that was in 1951. neil: doesn't bother people in copenhagen? >> no, not really.
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it's a german way of pronouncing it. we are not too fussy. it is ok. we could just pronounced it the danish way. neil: or copenhagen. thank you very much. crisis settled. >> i want to interview dr. phil jones. has anyone seen him? neil: the film maker continuing to hunt forg huntate -- he continues to hunt for the climategate scientists phil jones. he was hit by something that was either a vegetable or a sandwich yesterday. he is back with us from copenhagen. what is the latest?
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what hit you and who hit you? >> i do not know what hit me. it was either a salad box or a sandwich fox. box. there were a lot of vegetables around me. all i know is that it hurt. it came from an environmentalist. i believe they worked for the climate action network. neil: how have you been treated today? >> i have kept a lower profile. you either get a lot of aggression, a loss of slam the doors, or people walk away. people do not want to talk about climategate. the true deniers are the people who say that the climategate is
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not relevant. we have senior scientists for the united nations hiding data and encouraging colleagues to hide the data. as a journalist, i just thought i was not getting anywhere, so i would do with the environmentalists do. dress up like a polar bear to try to get jones to answer some hard questions that need to be answered before we go along this road of introducing cap and trade and extreme taxation. neil: have you seen phil jones? >> i have not seen him. somebody told me that he was here. most people say he is not here. most people just will not discuss it. he is like the person who does not exist anymore. people just walk away. they will not discuss him.
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neil: he was like their elvis. he was like their rock star. he was like their savior. i do not know what is going on. are there any other guys like you, who are there seriously questioning a lot of the facts they are signing on to? >> i think there is a lot more skepticism among the journalist s then there was. al gore made a speech that arctic ice would disappear in five years. it was like a ton of bricks. other channels have a debate on this. used to be a debate between
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greenpeace and the national resources defense council. now, there is a climate alarmist and the climate skeptic. climategate has pushed them over the edge. we really need to go back to square one and phil jones. he basically wrote the report that all this, is based on. there are some pretty serious questions to ask him. journalists are beginning to ask those questions. neil: things could be worse. in the case in the united states -- take a look at this. >> i was confronted by someone of a deranged individual. a scuffle ensued and he ate my figure in the process.
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neil: do you count yourself lucky that did not happen to you? >> leverage this -- whoever this is who fired at me, i have seen worse in belfast on tuesday night. it was all right. it was close to my eye, but it is ok. it shows something about the attitude of the environmentalists. unless you read from the same general script, they are not very tall red door open to ideas. i'm just asking questions. if we object -- what will the united nations reaction be? what will be the reaction of the new power elite? neil: it raises serious points. these are the people who are
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helping to set the environmental policy for the globe, and how much we will pay for it 3 you are quite right to raise questions. you should not have things thrown at you because you do. thank you. it is very good to see you again. >> thank you. neil: now to the battle over health-care reform that appears to be breaking some democrats apart. and nelson is the latest threatening to vote against the bill. the former democratic national committee chairman is attacking this. the white house is attacking him. >> if you talk to members of the senate to represent a similar view point that howard dean does, they seem to disagree as much with howard dean as i think we would. neil: the party and the president of fighting. reaction from the head of the republican national committee, michael steele.
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what is going on here? >> this is what we have come to. i'm a little bit amused. you mean there's a dissension within the democratic party? stop the presses. we have only been saying this for three-quarters of the year that the real fight on health care was internal to the democrats. they are outgunned by the fact that a lot of the things that they have fought for and talked about and promised -- and have been promised by this administration -- those things have been stripped out of the bill that will go to conference. it is making it harder for them to have a leg to stand on to get those things back into the bill. howard dean is reflective of a broader issue within the rank and file democrat left that
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sees their opportunity to transform health care into a government program -- neil: it is bigger than that. when the democrats came, you said, your party does not tolerate dissent. at the very time there is dissent on health care among democrats, joe lieberman is chastised. i kind of think what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the damage. >> whether it is joe lieberman or howard dean, the fact is that for all this time, the democrats have taken this picture that we're all moving together on health care. when it comes down to casting the vote, with 60 seats in the senate, they cannot get it done. the people back home do not want it. then you have to deal with the folks who have an agenda, whether it is on the left, or
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inside the democratic party, that are also coming up against this obstacle. from the republican perspective, we stay true to what we have said from the very beginning. scrap this thing and it at the table in a serious manner to sit down to talk about a bottom-up process. neil: do you think you're losing folks in the process, just as democrats are losing folks? there's an intriguing poll now. the tea party movement is now seen as the most favorable view. >> we are in the poll. neil: but your la are last. >> our responsibility as the republican national committee, working with our state parties
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around the country, working with our governors, the leadership in the house and senate -- our mission is to make sure that we have something to say to the american people, lay out our vision, and talk about the policies and things we want to change. we want to do tort reform, and we have had this conversation. neil: thank you. have a merry christmas. before democrats take tarp cash for jobs, they might want to check the constitution. the former australian prime minister is here .
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ññ?y@? >> if we do not pass it, here is the guaranteed. the people who are watching tonight, your premiums will go up.
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potentially, your employer will drop your coverage because they cannot afford an increase of 25% or 30% in terms of the cost every year. the federal government will go bankrupt. neil: my next guest says the more the president uses scare tactics, the more the american people are beginning to catch on. the republican congressman joins me now. he is also a cardiovascular surgeon. what do you make of that? >> the president is using fear tactics and is a sense of desperation. he is setting up a false dichotomy. there are other ways to reform health care. we all agree that it needs to be reformed. the bill that passed in the house and the current proposals going through the senate will make things worse. they will not control costs. costs will go up for families
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and small businesses. i'm really concerned about the effect on quality. neil: it is at the point where i do not know who to believe. the democratic leaders have said this will be done as a neutral and save us money down the road. it will also be the equivalent of health care nirvana. everyone will be covered. and then i hear that republicans by and large a say that this could be worse and the premium morning from the president is not going to be worse. what is the deal? >> with the house bill and with previous language that we were able to see with the senate bill, the congressional budget office has made it clear that premiums will go up. there's really not enough substantive reform to lower the escalating cost of health care without sacrificing quality. the other thing to keep in mind
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is that they have played a lot of budget games with this. you will get 10 years of taxes to pay for seven years of mandates. that is another budgetary gimmick that they are using in this. we are looking at a number of major taxes to try to balance this out so as to be deficit neutral. neil: they have told members in the senate that we will work until christmas eve if we have to. maybe a lot of them want to get out of dodge. they will be rushed into doing something that a lot of them do not want to do just to get home for christmas. >> that is affecting members in the senate. the house has basically recessed until after the holidays. i imagine that we could be called back in. neil: that would mean getting nancy back from copenhagen. by the way, it is copenhagen. we settled that.
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bottom line, they would have to bring her back. >> but keep in mind that this is an artificial time line. the american public has said that they want to get this right. they do not like the approach that is being taken. neil: have a wonderful holiday. it's always good to have you on the show. the house passing the jobs bill. before it lands on the president's desk, there's a message for the president.
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tarp money and we directed forx
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jobs -- redirect it for jobs. >> though we sent the money elderly to help the banks. they are beginning to stabilize. the congress and only the congress, given the authority via united states constitution has the right. neil: nowhere in the constitution did say that if you have $1 trillion bank rescue and they give back all the money can you read appropriate that money and give it to any pet cause that a congressperson deems fashionable. >> you are talking like a tv host. neil: i thought i would ask someone smarter than me on this issue, and his name is mark
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levin. in his spare time, -- i think his book was on the best-seller list. he joins me now. please settle this for me. is this in the constitution that they can reappropriate money? >> why do you have a satellite view of my house with the address. they can pass a law that appropriates funds for unemployment. they can call it whatever they want. she claims is the commerce clause 3 the commerce clause has nothing to do with it. they have legislative authority. it's not clear what they're doing. are they taking tarp fund and re-appropriating that? or are they just doing this by
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attaching it to some legislation, which i would question? the commerce clause does nothing to do with this. of course, the president has absolutely no power to take money that is specifically designated as a statutory matter for one program and give it to another. as i recall, they tried to in peach richard nixon who did not want to spend some of the money. neil: this was all before we had a federal reserve. now we have the federal reserve. it is really unaccountable to the american people. we do not know where that money came from or where it is being spent today. the head of that organization has become "time" person of the year. leaving that aside, this congress get to re-dictate funds that might have been earmarked for things they should not have been in the first place?
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let's say tarp money that went to the banks, that is now given to a variety of other projects. >> theoretically, they can. all this money is now like one massive slush fund. the problem is whether congress had the constitutional authority to use these tarp funds, which were originally passed for subprime so-called toxic mortgages, and then used to purchase equity positions in banks to produced liquidity, and is now used the radically in the stony jobs bills. i will look at the original jobs bills. i think the bigger issue is that this congress is so out of control that it is just playing a show game.
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they're just spending money they do not have, and running the printing presses, and borrowing money. whether it is called a jobs bill for a stimulus bill or cap and trade, they're going nuts. they're not about to let the constitution get in their way. neil: you were at a tea party rally sometime ago. >> yes, it was a great rally. neil: i have to ask you this. some people say they could potentially be acting illegally. can that be challenged in the courts, or do you just let that go? another congress will deal with this or try to reverse this. >> this is the weakness in our system. the courts are reluctant. they do it from time to time to get involved in what they call political disputes. if there is a constitutional violation by congress -- sure,
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we could take it to the courts. whether they accept it and they find standing -- the problem is that the courts are as bad as congress 3 congress would not do half of what they were doing is the fdr accord would not have given the rubberstamp to all these programs that are unconstitutional on its face. we are going to run too liberal judicial activists to try to stop liberal activist members of congress. it's a tough road. we need to throw them out and replaced them with serious people who believe in the constitution. neil: before you go, doing your radio show tonight, or appearing on my show? >> there's nothing like being with deal. it is always the highwahighlighy
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career. neil: this book is phenomenal. thank you very much. have a wonderful holiday, mark levin. when we come back, holiday shopping in your luggage. the incredible things baggage handlers are doing this holiday season. and using kids to scare up cash at copenhagen. this is scary video from the climate summit free and explosive reaction from the former australian prime minister. country western ♪ singer: we were stuck in a basement apartment ♪
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♪ >> [screaming] neil: it kicked off the copenhagen conference. >> at this conference, we are on
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the verge of letting down all of the little children of the world. neil: really? are they using kids as props? reaction from former australian prime minister john howard. what did you make of your successor's comments? >> i will leave any personal response aside. i have a rule about not getting into matches with the news networks. i will talk about the substance of the issue. i think the problem with the copenhagen conference is said there has been too much of an investment in rhetoric and hype , and too little focus on what is a very simple proposition. that is, if we are to make any sensible progress, everybody,
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all countries, including developing countries like china, have to play a part. i think the best way of tackling the issue of global warming is for the world to invest as much as possible as soon as possible in finding a technological solution to the challenge. i'm a great believer that most problems of this kind can be fixed by technology, rather than by politics. neil: what do you mean? they're talking about tens of billions of dollars on the part of the western nations, especially the united states, to cut down on co2 emissions and that sort of thing. how would your approach differ? >> countries that do not have nuclear power, including my own, should focus heavily on nuclear power. i think we should put enormous amounts of additional resources into things like clean coal
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technology. ways of making the fossil fuels we now use less polluting. whatever your view is about global warming, we ought to play on the safe side. the safe side is that at every point to try to reduce pollution, to try to reduce co2 emissions going into the atmosphere. just as we have found technological solutions to so many other challenges in recent decades, i think this issue will be fixed by technology in the end. there is too great focus on the politics of this, and too little of a focus on this side of this. neil: might be a focus on the politics, but whatever the case, there's also a focus on the money to address the political concern. it would be a kick in the pants if we all of a sudden discovered that even half of these climategate memos are typical of
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information that has been hidden from us, then we could be chasing a goose that is not real. >> that is possible. we will all be long dead when we actually know the answer to that question. if the doomsayers are right, it will be a long time before the bill affect -- it will be a long time until the effects are felt by everybody. it's the doomsayers are wrong, it will also be many years before we know the answer to that. common sense tells me that what we should focus on is doing things that neither side of the debate could possibly object to , and something that utilizes a clean source of energy such as nuclear power. it is the cleanest source of energy.
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anything that reduces the polluting impact and the use of coal and gas -- things like that where nobody can argue. even the greatest skeptics in the world would agree that the cleaner the coal, the better it is. rather than trying to score some kind of moral victory on one side or the other -- there have been too many indications to morality in this fight. this is a challenge for the common sense. this is not a challenge for the soul. proponents of the doomsayer argument have tried to turn this into a moral crusade, as a substitute religion, and that has turned a lot of people off. that is one of the reasons heavy weather is now being made. neil: if you ever want to come back and trash your successor, feel free. i will keep it between us and
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our millions of the worst three it's a pleasure having you. >> thank you. neil: former australian prime minister john howard. when we come back, is someone tearing away your luggage this holiday? of christmas.
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neil: the grinch has stolen your luggage. more baggage handlers are stealing suitcases for things like laptops and ipods and other christmas gift. kate, what did you do? >> i am setting up my own sting operation. in videotaping my bags and everything that is inside them. i am video taping them as soon as i get out of the baggage claim. i read package -- anything that
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i must check, i re-package is so nobody knows what it is. i had every expensive item taken out to my back. neil: these were not carry on beags. stuff was missing. like what? >> that is correct 3 we have studied this for a couple of years. tsa is responsible for 70% of th17%. baggage handlers are responsible for the other 83% to give if you do not have a receipt, you are unlikely to get anything back. put it all in your carry-on bag or in your purse. i have had many -- of our people have lost their carry-on bags.
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neil: what if you lauock your suitcase? >> there are videotapes on you tube where they show examples of how to break into a bag with the zipper locked. it is very well known. there are many ways of getting into your baggage without breaking the lock. neil: there must be some accountability. i am sure the this is not all of these guys doing this. i hope. is there a way to check them at their work site? . >> some of the airlines have done major sting operations when they start getting a lot of complaints. they are starting to set up sting operations where there videotaping the baggage handlers.
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that is when you hear on the news that 100 baggage handlers were fired. neil: what if you put a mousetrap in your baggage? >> i would like to be the one that touches them. i'm so angry of having to replace my products. 40% of the people on our hot line are due to theft i n bags. it's a huge issue to you can go to our web site or call our hotline. we are free and we are here to help people. we would like to stop this from happening. neil: people could always carry on or go commando. kate, thank you. skip the conference and hit the canal. travel tips for the president and nancy pelosi
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neil: in a couple of hours, president obama's is expected to leave for copenhagen. nancy pelosi will meet him there. it's very lovely this time of year. some ideas for the president and madam speaker, tom parsons. copenhagen is a beautiful city. since the climate conference could be a waste of time, you say there's lots to do while you're there. >> i cannot think of a better time to be over there to do nothing. when you look at the chocolate factories -- there is a
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chocolate place where you could get all the best chocolate in the world, peter beier. you could get both chocolate and hot cocoa. neil: it is right up there in the main area. it would not have to travel far. the viking ship museum. >> you are talking about going back in history. that is what is so great about going back in europe. you have these medieval type viking ships to see. you can just take a tour of the whole place. i did the same thing in england a few years ago. it's an interesting trip to see how history came about hundreds of years ago. neil: let's say you're not into the viking ship thing.
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something tells me nancy might not be. they could get hammered at the carlsberg brewery. >> the fifth largest brewery in world. i think they make as many as 20 different beers. the one that they are most popular for is a 9% thbrew. neil: do they give samples? >> sure. you will feel really good in by the time he leaves that place. neil: they could take a canal tour. >> yes 3 if you have been to venice or amsterdam, this is the same thing. you get a good flavor of the copenhagen area. you can wine and dine on some of
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these cruises. you can go to the man-made islands. i think copenhagen has a lot of flavor. this should not keep them to boao bored. neil: every tourist is intrigued about taking home souvenirs three you could do that at the glass shops. >> royal copenhagen is one of the big ones. you can take tours anywhere in copenhagen. you can get a one-of-a-kind made things. it is pretty pricey, but he has a good budget. he just won his award to the other day. neil: he gave that to charity. there's not a penny left over for even a fine piece of glass. in the city, a lot of people take bicycles, right? >> that is the thing that amazes
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me. 36% of the people commute by bicycle. that is an amazing number. when you looked at him, could you imagine him taking a bicycle ride with all the secret service? he could stop by and get some clogs and then head over to the christmas market where he will meet father christmas. they have one of the only double decker carrousels. he could see the wood carvings, and watch the candles tdrip and think about some united states budget at the same time. neil: thank you very much. when the left changes sides. .
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neil: all right, you know, we might have issues with global warming here, but you know something? we have never warned people by throwing things at people about global warming and never called them a neanderthal on hearing other points of view on global warming. never have we e equated the climate going up with simple decency going down. i'm very open to debate, but you can't say there is no debate when those framing it, frame the data to suit them, and then stupidly e-mail directors urging no one you ever know to see them. you can't say your opponents don't have open minds if you're not open to hearing what's on their minds and what information isn't in your aresenal, or crucial material being hid from your side. you cannot win over those to your point of view if you make a point of heckling those who don't share your point of view. you call those who shouted down
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politicians on healthcare reform overbearing for that, but you have no problem with environmentalists doing that, so al gore's statements are frien, buying into it is delightful but questioning how al gore came up with them is not. no, my friends if you call people acting up at healthcare rallies buffoons even when they didn't throw a thing, you can't condone those acting up at environmentalist powwows even as they throw lots of things because throwing out figures to suit you is one thing. throwing objects at those citing other figures that might not sue you is another. one proves you you may be a liar and the other proves you you're a loser. one area you don't want to miss, a fox business network exclusive, one hour from now, the former governor of illinois and what he is


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